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Sep 2007 Abandoned Pipex in favour of NTLworld, and a new ISP - ADSL24

May 2007 Added Charlie Horn to the links page. Spelling corrections. 

Feb 2007 - The war diary is added.

Jan 2007 - The Far Eastern sections are tidied up. Orbats are added for the air sections. Broken links restored, and Brixcon tidied up. Started the long process of referencing the website.

Jan 2006 - Have abandoned NTL as a Service Provider. The Site is still live on Pipex. More work on the Orbats in the pipeline, when I get to grips with my new camera. A Canon Powershot. Something will have to go to make space for the new pictures.

July-Aug 2005 - Reached my file size limits - time for some gardening and simplification.

June 2005 - Updated the Brixcon section

May 2005 - The Far Eastern Orbats section added. All orbats moved to the Index Page for ease of access.

April 2005 - New links added. More corrections and additions to Orbats. A rant about the SS added. 

Oct 2004 - General tidy-up, and addition of more pictures to the Gallery.

July 9th 2004 - Added the Summer Holiday Campaign, and Soviet Cavalry Division to the Orbat Page. More Brixcon news and pictures added. General tidy up.

June 14th 2004 - Back in business on: with a backup copy on We will see which copy is most stable.

May 04 - Site goes offline! NTL have changed the URL to Note the extra dot between n & c. Is spelling and punctuation a lost art amongst webmasters?

31/03/04    Download speed of homepage reduced with new banners - update on Brixcon 2004

02/03/04    Indo-Pocketstan War Campaign added. Brixcon 2004 Banner.

01/02/04     Navigation Bars sorted out. New index page to allow for future expansion.

30/01/04    Hungarian and Romanian Orbats added. More musings on Scratchbuilding and making do with whatever you have to hand.

18/01/04    Italian Orbats added

16/01/04    Tombats added. New links to AK47 sites.

15/01/2004    Site complete except for Orbats

30/12/20003    Site opens


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