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Soviet Tank Corps

Div HQ   1 Commander mounted in Gaz Jeep, 1 Signals Staff Car
Recce Bn 1 Lt Tank(@Strength 2), 1 A/C(@Str 2), 1 Motorcycle(@Str 2)
Tank Bde 1 Comd T34,2 T34(@Strength 3)
Tank Bde 1 Comd T34,2 T34(@Strength 3)
Tank Bde 1 Comd T34,2 T34(@Strength 3)
Motor Rifle Bde 1 Comd stand, 6 Rifle stands (@2 or 3 figs), 3 MG stands (@2 or 3 figs), 3 Gaz Trucks
Anti- Tank Bde  2 45mm Guns(@ 2 or 3 crew), 2 Limbers, 1 76mm Gun or Su76 (strength 2 or 3)
SP Arty Regt 2 SU85 (@Strength 2 or 3), 1 SU152 (@Strength 2 or 3)
Mortar Regt 3 120mm Mortar(@3 crew), 3 Gaz Truck
Engineer Bn 3 Engineer Stands (@2 figures), Gaz Truck with optional Bridging Trailer
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Note that the Soviets Tank Corps have no FOOs, so can only pre-plan indirect artillery fire, or use direct artillery fire.    

Author's Collection. Various, also scratchbuilds and conversions.

Despite calling it a Corps, This was really a divisional sized unit. After the chaos of the first months of the war, the Soviets doggedly rebuilt their tank forces and authorised a new corps structure. There were a number of ups and downs before the ability of the factories to supply tanks caught up with the rate that the Soviets were losing them to the enemy.

There was also a Tank Army, containing a Rifle Division and two Tank Corps, although as with every other Orbat, it varied.

For more detail, S.J. Zaloga has written a number of books, and the Red Army Handbook 1939-1945 is an excellent one-stop source for wargamers. 

The  picture of the Tank Corps above deviates from the Orbat. There is no Engr Bn. The Mortar Bn has substituted a captured Raupenschlepper Ost for a Gaz truck. The SP Arty Regt has only 1 Su85. The Anti tank Brigade has had to substitute a Regimental 76mm gun for a 45mm. The command stand in the Motor Rifle Brigade has no transport; it will oblige a rifle company to ride on the back of a tank company, as the command stand takes its place in a Gaz Truck. The T34s are a pretty mixed bag, and two of them look suspiciously like KV1 conversions. The Div HQ has managed to scrounge some AA cover.

The exigencies of war would mean that very few units would exactly match their Order of Battle. Combat would quickly reduce the strength of the fighting companies down. We typically fight battles with units at 2/3 to 1/2 their authorised combat strength. Units in contact with the enemy would also add captured equipment (especially logistic equipment ) to their inventory.

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