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Orders of Battle Far East


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American infantry were divided into Army and Marine Corps during this campaign - even to the extent of them each having their own air forces. In 15mm there is no need to distinguish between Army and Marine troops if you do not want to, although figure manufacturers make different models for each.  A few models for the slightly different vehicles that each used will do, although I don't really bother here either.

Do not be put off, or think that this game can only be played using masses of toys. It works well with smaller numbers of troops too, and lends itself well to using cheap toys or card mock-up models to fill in the gaps in your army's inventory. 

When you can finally afford your heart's desire, and you field a splendid new accurate scale model, you may still find that your scruffy old veteran card and balsawood models fight much better!  

For the ultimate in happy-go-lucky toy soldiering, have a look at The Army Men Homepage to see how far down this route you can go. I am happy to be counted amongst those who realise that playing with toy soldiers is A) not a serious hobby, and B) a perfectly suitable way for grown-ups to spend their free time.