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Orders of Battle Far East

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Communist Chinese Troops 



Nationalist Chinese Troops   

  Air Force

The Chinese Government was simultaneously conducting a civil war against the Communists, a war against the Japanese invaders, and a war to crush Local Warlords, and establish Central Government. Describing the situation as chaotic does it no justice. Against this background, it is fair to say that Orbats written down rarely reflected the reality on the ground. Some of these Orbats are speculative, and intended only to give you a framework to hang your game on.

Do not be put off, or think that this game can only be played using masses of toys. It works well with smaller numbers of troops too, and lends itself well to using cheap toys or card mock-up models to fill in the gaps in your army's inventory. If you do not have the correct troops to portray Chinese - it doesn't much matter. 

The Nationalist Chinese used German WWI pattern Helmets, and WWI British Army style peaked hats. The Communists used soft crowned 'baseball' type hats. Warlord armies used troops with a mix of civilian Trilby hats, Coolie hats, and just about everything else in between. I even mix ACW figures, Medieval, and colonial stuff in if it feels right, and more importantly, if it is in the Toy Box.