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Links and Sources for further Reading


The Red Shadow Ripping Yarns in Morocco.

Major General Tremordan Rederring's Colonial Era Wargames Page Nostalgia Superbly done. Bob Cordery's excellent site.



Flames of War  Low level tactical stuff. Somewhere to go if you do not like the Operational Game. Well worth visiting for historical information. View the pictures and drool...

  The Hurrah Brothers' sideways look at wargaming with 'minor nations'.

Fat Wally's Wargames site features some especially nice Russian Cavalry


Post - WW2

 Brixcon. The 'Must-Go-To' AK47 World Event, in Brixworth Northamptonshire.

Derek Hodge's Campaign is set in mythical Africa using AK47 rules.

Zin Zan Website for the Zin-Zan Campaign, by Paul Hooper. Home of a picture of the infamous von Mileham Stuart tanks. One of my arch-nemeses :o)  Have a look at the bottom left of the page, second row up from the bottom..

Peter  Schulman's War is  for wargamers who dream about gaming in the garden with 54mm soldiers, but don't have their own private Wood to do it in. (Thanks to Don Maddox for pointing me towards the site)

The Army Men homepage is another site from across The Pond which is at once impressive and comforting if you like to do things your own way without much regard for convention. If you care about uniform details, you won't like it. Here is a quote from its Author, T. Sheil:

"You don't have to read the associated comic books to understand who's on which side with Army men. It's simple - one side is green and the other is another color." 

Charlie's Wooden Warriors Website is another excellent outdoor 1/35th scale wargames site in the same vein with Wooden Tanks and real mud!

General Wargames Resource Links Q


Wargame Developments, MEGABLITZ, and Mexikanski Megablitz, larger scale than NQM. 1Km ~ 4cm. Less detail but even bigger Ops than NQM. Eat your heart out Uncle Joe! Highly recommended.

Society of 20th Century Wargamers     Free Subscription online Magazine

How to make your own transfers for models    by John Mc Ewan

Manufacturers l

David Schmid's 15mm Aircraft A useful source of aircraft stands, and Magnadots for marking pins etc. 

Peter Pig - Jolly good 15mm stuff

Skytrex - More good 15mm stuff

QRF - more 15mm stuff - also good of course.

Free Downloads Q


Berthier Campaign Management System by Tony de Lyall
Logistic and Dug-in Markers by Derek Hodge
NQM Rules  by Chris Kemp
WW2 Casualty Markers by Derek Hodge
WW2 Unit Markings - UK & US  by Derek Hodge
Free Paper Soldiers and Rules by Matt Fritz
Paper House Models (French) by "Archi Kit"

Useful Non-Military Links R

German/English Dictionary   An very useful link to the Technische Universität München  

Two Easy, quick English to Cyrillic Russian online Dictionaries. If you cannot find what you want on the first, try the second. is the final (or first) resort for all those who have forgotten their towels and schoolboy language lessons.

Divide by Zero  § is  a page containing some super fonts - I found "Tom's new Roman" there (a different Tom - Tom Murphy), and Tombats.

 If you want to see tombats on this website in all their glory, you will need to download all of them from Tom's site. They are fun enough to download for their own sake. They are free, and take up little space, just drop Tom an email to say "thanks". If not, you will just see some large numbers on a few pages - it's no big deal. (Thanks to Bob Cordery for spotting that one)