The Indo-Pocketstan Mini Campaign



Indian Paras board a Hound Helicopter


This is a new project using the NQM rules for a Mini Campaign based on the Indo Pakistan wars. Why would I want to look at this period? Firstly, it is not a popular subject, and it is certainly not one I know much about. Secondly, none of my friends know much about it either, so I can take a few liberties without them being too worried about the detail. This is important for historical battles where everyone knows the outcome.

Finally, I have enough 15mm toys to bash about to approximate the forces of the belligerents, and where I am short of the correct models, a fudge will get me by.

Another dodgy Kemp Konversion!  The Mongoose armoured car. I needed a Saladin type six-wheeler for an AK47 game and the Mongoose was the result.