Chris Kemp's Not Quite Mechanised


Maior Bigglevski prepares to give the enemy a sound thrashing! This Picture is a toy Biplane Standing in as a Polikarpov I-15, or even a Po-2. Ignore the not-even-close profile and the dodgy "NAVY" markings. Bigglevski strikes terror into the enemy wherever he meets them!
The Red god of War. Inexplicably short of artillery models? You will be if you command a Russian Army! These camouflaged gun positions were built in a hurry for the Battle of Kursk fought at Tradewinds in Wellingborough in the early '90s. They were cheap to build and display my usual cheerful approach to modeling accuracy.
Room With a View. Handy things, dug in positions. You will need a good few for NQM. They can be as simple as a square of brown cloth under the troops, or as elaborate as a commercially cast resin piece. This one was scratch-built from match sticks, stones and a square of thin plywood. The circular bunker was scrap from a kitchen door plug. It will hold a Battalion of infantry or a gun battery.
Flares are Never Coming Back into Fashion. Ooh Look - Silly Spacemen! Scale is not a bar to using the NQM system, as these models demonstrate.
Wheels are so Passe. The Bigger they are ...
Bad Hair Day.... the harder they fall. Moral - Don't argue with an armoured female with a flamethrower! In fact, not arguing with females is a good rule without any qualification at all.
You can wear Pink Power Armour if you are hard enough.


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