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The Battle of Bryansk

This battle fought in March 1942 in our Campaign, illustrates how NQM handles large battles. Following it should help show how the system works. It was fought over the course of one three-hour evening on a 1.4m x 1.9m table (about 6ft x 4ft 6in for the New World). 

Each phase consisted of about 4 simultaneous moves, which in this campaign we adjudge to be 1 "day", which in turn counts as half a month.


Heroic Sons of the Motherland*   

The Soviet forces consist of 60th Army, comprising 4 Tk (Tank) Corps, 19 GR (Guards Rifle) Div, and 20 GR Div. In addition OREL is being garrisoned by 51 Res (Reserve) Rifle Div. Troops are at between 60% and 30% of authorised establishments.

The Soviet plan is for 20GR to probe North to the OREL-BRYANSK railway then advance along the railway to BRYANSK, forming the centre of the offensive. 4Tk will swing North shielding the right flank of  20GR. 19GR is to advance West through the wooded country to the South of BRYANSK, then swing North once the clear country to the West is reached

Fascist Vipers*                           

The Axis forces comprise HQ 2 Panzer Army, commanding 255 Inf Div. Regrouping in the area East of BRYANSK is HQ XXIV (24) Mot Corps with 4 Pz Div, 10 Mot Div, and 267 Inf Div. Units are at between 60% and 50% of authorised strength.

The plan is to hold the North-South line of the BRYANSK railway with 255Inf and 267Inf, 10Mot and 4Pz will conduct a mobile defence around the infantry line.

Phase 1 - 60th Army Advances

The Soviet Army offensive opened in poor weather (The umpire rolled 1D6 which came up as a one!) which precluded air support. 19GR advanced through woodland S of BRYANSK to engage 255Inf. Several attacks failed to dislodge the Fascists, and the momentum was lost on the L flank of the Soviet offensive.

20GR made good progress, reaching the OREL-BRYANSK railway, where the Div Artillery set up in range of BRYANSK. The Div massed in front of BRYANSK for an assault. 4Tk  recce discovered HQ XXIV Corps and attacked N causing the HQ to retreat N into 4Pz's forming up area. The Pz Div was having great difficulty forming up, losing approx 1/3 of its vehicle strength due to the cold . General March had added its aid to Generals January and February this year!

Phase 2 - 4th Panzer Division Counterattacks

4Tk swung NW along the railway, following the tracks of 20GR. At this point, both formations were caught by the delayed 4Pz spoiling attack from the N. Although this attack was beaten off by the Soviet armour, 20GR had lost its gun line, destroyed in the first hour of the counterattack. With no artillery, and the Soviet armour out of alignment, the chances of an attack on BRYANSK in the first half of March was lost.

* not that I'm biased or anything!