Brixcon is the World's Original, and finest AK47 Tournament, held at Brixworth Village Hall in Northamptonshire 

The tournament uses Peter Pig's AK47 Republic rules for Warlord Level Battles in Africa 1955 to 1990




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Brixcon 2006

I was not officially at Brixcon 2006, as I had a 25th Military Anniversary to attend in London, but I turned up to say hello to everyone, and Paul Hooper asked me to play his first game for him, so that he could take some good pictures. 

It would have been rude to refuse, so I didn't, and had a very enjoyable game against Ross Bowrage, with his American Interventionist Army. Luck played it's usual part during the Political Phase, going badly against Ross, who was stoical and pleasant throughout. The political charts gave me a unit of 3 tanks, and the shooting dice came out like this:

I may have whooped at this point (Ahem)! Ross calmly played his limited hand, and didn't lose composure once, as technicals, tanks and militia swarmed over his positions. I hope he wasn't too put out, and comes back next year to take his revenge. I had time to notice that the Evil Von Mileham had deployed a WWI A7V :O) on his own table.

However, sympathy for Ross does not prevent me from publishing the victory photo:


The 'Piglet' Armoured Car. Without doubt the smallest AC at the convention!

A Munchkin is a term of mild scorn for a Wargamer who plays the rules to win, and cares nothing for history, or study of the subject being gamed. Ak47 Gamers are on the whole, a cheerful bunch, with little regard for gamesmanship.

The first "Munchkin" model was built after a debate on the AK47 Discussion group about the advantages to be gained by having small or large tanks, and the smallest allowable base sizes. I decided to build a model to show what the effect would be, and the "Piglet" was born. The "Munchkin" and "Titan Terror Tank" soon followed. I had so much fun building them that my Munchkin collection is still growing. 

If the 'Munchkin' was the smallest tank on the day 2003 ...

The "Thin Munchkin" is the result of someone pointing out that if a tank is not based, it can be any width (you know who you are!) Watch this space, and if you expect to drive tanks through holes in the rules, then you had better be prepared to build one!

Then the 'Thin Munchkin' was the Thinnest.  ....  Fat crews need not apply.