Brixcon 2005 

Doctor Evil's Secret Headquarters ... (Pic: Paul Hooper)

Doctor Evil's Secret Headquarters ... (Pic: Paul Hooper)

Brixcon 2005 was the fourth AK47 convention. My AK47 Armies are all slightly silly, in the way that the Monster Raving Loony Party is,. The state of modern Africa is such a complex Continent, that I can only approach it sideways with offbeat humour. How else can you contemplate a Continent that is riven apart by AIDS,  Warlords murdering and raping at will, children abducted and forced to murder, governments stuffed with Kleptocrats and corrupt officials, mass genocides ... the list is endless.

The remains of the Imperial Bokassan Navy in the land-locked river estuary (Pic: Paul Hooper)

 Last year's 'Imperial Bokkassan Navy' was a sideswipe at the inflated pomposity of African Dictators. This year I decided to poke fun at mercenaries, and the art of commercial hype as practiced by Western free-market companies. 

Say hello to 'Executive Incomes' the hottest Executive Influence Effectors on the Continent. Our motto is "On time and On Target - Affordable Solutions Incoming."  Whatever I might have thought about my Army, it was soon nicknamed "Doctor Evil's Army" by everyone, as my terrain this year was a massive Secret Base in the style of those loved by Evil Villains in every Bond Movie that you have ever seen. Have you ever wondered how all those Evil Henchmen in the Secret Control Room get to work? Well I did, and I gave the Secret Base a car park!

... Complete with Evil Car Park! (Pic: Paul Hooper)

Thanks go to the Organiser - Graham Evans, The Umpire - Martyn Simpson, and to Peter Pig, QRF, and Tradewinds who donated prizes.