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Going ... The Nene Raft Guides head down the River Tees sideways for Fun.

 I used to be a serving officer in the Queen's Gurkha Engineers. Then I met my wife, Suzanne, and decided to have a whole new career working for myself. So I said goodbye to diving for a living in freezing cold waters, and drinking Gurkha Rum. And hello to canoeing, and rafting in freezing cold water. No change there then, but on the plus side, the drinks are much less lethal and the view on the surface is better!

Recovery looks unlikely at this point!

 I first discovered Wargaming as a teenager through Charles Grant's 'Battle!' in the  pages of the Meccano Magazine. By the '70s I had met Paddy Griffith, Nigel de Lee and others at the Sandhurst Wargames Club, and by the '80s, Wargames Development had been formed, and the early forerunner  of NQM had been invented at Moore Park. It took another five years before I owned my own basement  games table in Wellingborough. Currently besides NQM, I enjoy playing Armati, AK47, Bundok and Bayonet, PITS, Munchkins, and Hordes of the Things - WRG's most entertaining game, in my opinion.

Speed, skill and frenzied paddling carry us through!

We live in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, in the middle of a cluster of wargamers, and can be contacted at 

I'm the Panel Pin in the raft above wearing the yellow helmet. Suzanne is chatting up a tall handsome Bavarian Grenadier below!


Finally, if you decide that a life of wargaming is not for you, I can recommend canoeing, skiing and rafting as sober, healthy alternatives.